After the Deadline is an intelligent language checking server, made to scale. This page hosts the source code and resources released under the GNU General Public License.

If you want to embed After the Deadline into an application, visit the After the Deadline Developers page to find useful libraries that interact with this service.

If you want to use After the Deadline:

  1. Download the AtD Distribution / Source Code
  2. Read Get Started to get the service up and running
  3. Read Raffi’s Guide to Add After the Deadline to Your Application.

If you’re interested in adding new rules or modifying the system, then:

  1. Read the The Design of a Proofreading Software Service to understand the system
  2. Download and install the Bootstrap Data
  3. Read the Rule Modification Guide

How to cite

If you’re using AtD and looking for a way to give credit in the code or documentation, here is a suggested bibliography format:

Mudge, Raphael S. (2009) After the Deadline – Language Checking Technology. Automattic. http://open.afterthedeadline.com.