1. Does AtD support languages other than English?

Yes, download our language pack.

2. Since AtD is GPL, I can’t use it with my non-GPL app. Right?

Actually, this is not true. After the Deadline is a software service and the actual server software is released under the GPL. This software is not a library and it’s too resource intensive to turn into a library at this time. So in a sense, this software never gets integrated into anything. It’s stand-alone.

Under the terms of the GPL, you have the freedom to use the After the Deadline server software as you wish, even for commercial gain.

The front-end AtD components (TinyMCE plugin, jQuery integration) are LGPL and you’re welcome to embed these into non-GPL applications.

3. I want to keep my production AtD in sync with yours, what should I do?

We recommend that you check out the code from our subversion repository. This way you can do a svn update . to stay in sync with what we’ve put there. If you make modifications to the AtD service, I recommend you put them in service/src/local.sl.

This file will not be modified by us and it’s loaded for each session with a service_init function called after AtD has set everything else up. From here you can redefine any part of the AtD protocol and insert your own code for things. We use this file to hook the /checkDocument call to collect statistics about AtD use.

4. How do I make the explanations link to my local server and not yours?

Define the service_init function in local.sl and set the $INFOURL variable to your server URL. Do not include a final forward slash.

sub service_init {
   $INFOURL = 'http://atd.myhost.com';

5. Why is After the Deadline such a resource hog?

I ask myself this all the time. After the Deadline uses context to make smart decisions. All this context takes up a lot of space. Keeping After the Deadline fast requires keeping this context in memory. The good news, one After the Deadline server will provide language checking for a lot of users. We’re processing over 200K+ requests/day on one server right now.

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