Get Involved

  1. Sign up for AtD developers mailing list
  2. Make a account so you can contribute to our TRAC Ticket System.
  3. Decide what you want to work on
  4. Code it, test it, etc.
  5. For software improvements – submit a patch (.diff file)
    For rule updates / enhancements – send rules directly


What to expect

This project is new to the open source world and there is going to be some transition as it goes from closed source (e.g., me making all the decisions) to an open source (e.g., community) process.

I’m reading Producing Open Source Software at Matt‘s recommendation. I plan to take several ideas from there and introduce them into this process. So if you want to help out, get on the mailing list. Work with me one on one and I’ll do what I can to set up what we need as we need it.

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